Workshop A: Samba 101

Duration: 7 hours

This is a hands-on workshop that will provide a fast-start into the basics of MS Windows and Samba networking. Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Samba Server configuration
  • Getting started
  • Migration from Samba-2.x to Samba-3
  • Basics of Network Browsing
  • includes use of ethereal to examine network behaviour
  • Advanced Samba configuration
  • Use of tdbsam passdb backend
  • Domain Control
  • Windows client integration
  • CUPS and LPRng print configuration
  • UNIX system integration scripts
  • user add/delete scripts
  • group add/delete scripts
  • add machine scripts
  • network logon scripts
  • Profile Handling
  • smbmount/smbumount and how to use it
  • Overview of CIFS cifsfs (no hands on use)

This workshop is ideal for the UNIX administrator who wants to learn how to master the integration of MS Windows clients. This one day intensive hands-on workshop provides prerequisite information for the advanced Samba workshop. Those who completed the October 2003 workshop have already mastered the material covered here.

Workshop B: Advanced Samba-3

Duration: 7 hours

This is the workshop many have asked for. Prerequisite knowledge is a working familiarity with Samba-3 (completion of the Monday one-day intensive class is sufficient) and competence with the configuration of MS Windows client configuration.

This intensive day-long session will spend more approximately 4 hours installing and configuring OpenLDAP, the LDAP Account Manager (LAM), the Idealx LDAP Integration scripts, and Samba-3. You will build a scalable network with Samba-3 PDCs and BDCs, will implement LDAP replication, multiple LDAP backends and will learn how to deploy OpenLDAP and Samba in large network environments.

The day will conclude with an overview of Windows NT4 migration, Samba-3 ADS Domain membership, and prerequisites for building/use of Samba-3 with ADS integration.

Approximately 1.5 hours will be made available for group discussion of problems you will bring to the workshop. Do your homework! Come prepared with detailed written overviews of real-world problems you need to have solved.

Workshop C: Windows NT4 Migration to Samba-3

Duration: 7 hours

This workshop provides a comprehensive guide to migration from Windows NT4 to Samba-3. Two specific migration options are considered: Complete migration to Samba Domain Control, and Samba-3 as an Active Directory Member server. This intensive day of training systematically takes the delegate through each step of the migration process. It addresses areas where problems may be experienced and offers effective solutions to all.

  • Designing your Samba-3 network
    • for less than 50 users
    • for 50-250 users
    • for more than 250 users
  • Choosing the User/Group backend database
    • smbpasswd
    • tdbsam
    • ldapsam
  • Configuring the Samba server
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • LDAP
    • Samba
  • Migration from NT4 Domains to Samba-3
    • Single Domain Migration
    • Multiple Domain into one Samba-3 Domain
  • Integration of Samba-3 Domain Member Servers into Active Directory
    • As a Samba-3 Domain Member Server
    • As a Domain Client
  • Samba and LDAP management tools
    • LDAP Account Manager
    • Idealx Scripts
    • SWAT
    • NT4 Domain Server Manager
    • NT4 Domain User Manager
    • Windows 200x/XP MMC tools

Workshop D: Advanced LDAP

Duration: 7 hours

This workshop has emerged out of popular requests for immediately deployable directory solutions. It steps the delegate through:

  • Identification of opportunities for deployment of directory based solutions to common IT problems.
  • Management requirements and solutions.
  • Check-listing the steps to effective implementation.
  • Example deployment of a wide range of directory solutions.
  • Economics of justifying directory solutions.

At the conclusion of this workshop the delegate will be ready and able to deploy corporate directory solutions across a wide range of application tasks.